Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Plagiarism At

I am outraged. Pissed beyond comprehension. Tonight, I had a Google Alert come in for one of my syndicated relationship columns. I put all my work in Google Alerts for this very reason.

Go to this link...

This guy has stolen my work! No reference as to who the rightful owner is, nothing! I contacted the administrator...this is an outrage!

And my articles aren't the only ones they've stolen. Everyone, if you send out articles, be sure you put them in Google Alerts. While you take pleasure that someone has "borrowed" your article, KEEPING THE BIO AND AUTHOR'S NAME INTACT, it will also come in handy to find out what kind of people there are out there that will steal your work and put their name on them. This is total total outrageous. If the administrator of doesn't do something about this, I WILL.


  1. Wow, not cool at all. The comment link you listed isn't available, but I visited the site itself. Kind of a confusing mess!

  2. Butthead! You go get him!

  3. I couldn't access the site either. Theft sucks and you have my sympathies.

    My "solution" isn't for everyone. I just don't search for my work. ;)

  4. I couldn't access it either - even after I signed up. Couldn't figure anything out over there.

  5. How do you google alert pieces?

  6. Oh, Dorothy! I'm so sorry to hear this.


  7. Your anger is very understandable. I'm not a writer but if I was I would be outraged also! I don't completely understand that site, but I'm glad there is something out there to help protect you.


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