Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Day from Hell

And that's putting it mildly.

For the past week, I've been stressed over my domain name and website host. The problem is...CREDIT CARD HELL. For the domain name for my writing site, The Writer's Life (, well, it had expired and I was trying to pay it was maxed out.

Not a good thing.

So, between fifty million emails back and forth to who is where I bought my domain name from, this has been a nightmare. There is a feature there where you can pay by online check. I thought, wow, okay, let's try that. I try that and it was denied...AND I HAVE MONEY IN THE BANK. So, I'm freaking out. I hurriedly put money on the credit card and tried again. It didn't work, so I figured, hopefully, by the grace of God, it just hadn't taken effect yet. Well, today, it took.

Oh, but that's not all.

My domain site's payment is due so I go in and find out that the credit card they had for me (you can't pay by any other means than a credit card), I tore up and no longer use. So, I email them asking them if I can pay by check (before I read THE RULES) because my other credit card is maxed out and the one they have on file for me is in no longer use.

So, they send me an email saying to update my account with the new credit card information. Well, IT DOESN'T TAKE A ROCKET SCIENTIST to figure out that how can I pay with a card that is maxed out?

So, I'm freaking and the only thing I can do is put more money on the credit card and hope for the best. We're talking my whole freaking business is online and it could be wiped out all in one click.

Wait, there's more....

I've been under stress for this for days and I'm still asleep (9:30 am) and BF comes in and turns the TV on, making all kinds of racket and says, get this, "Are you asleep? What are you doing asleep?"

Well, I don't know what I said, but it must not have been very nice.

All I know is I heard him say, "I'm getting out of here," and leaves.

What a baby.

He'll be back, he always does, but doesn't he realize I need my beauty sleep under all this stress?

What nerve.

So, I've had a day from hell. Hope yours was better and try to have a nice week-end. I'll be holed up trying to save my website...groan....


  1. No good day starts with someone waking you up when you don't HAVE to get up. I hope you get the domain bill straightened out... let us know!

  2. I had a dental appointment but only for two small fillings. My DIL had minor surgery & SW, my friend in Richland, was to have a wisdom tooth removed. This afternoon was our annual picnic in the park where I live & my neighbor & I won (again) the bocce ball tournament. I managed to eat only one cookie for desert even though there were a lot of great looking ones there.

    Now I am going to just crash, check the Internet, watch RV & read.


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