Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Daughter, The Nurse

Last night, my daughter graduated from nursing school. Can I get a woop-woop? Cried through the whole thing, but it's over. It's finally over. I wrote in my journal last night...

"Melissa graduated nursing school tonight. How can I put these emotions down? I cried all the way through embarrassing. I was doing fine, actually, until the speaker started talking about when the new hospital was built - 1971 I think. And it brought back memories of my grandmother, who was an LPN there. She worked her ass off to take care of my sister and I, and I guess all those memories did me in. There was one girl who had the same physical form that she did in her later years and man I just couldn't stop the tears. This was a night I'll never forget...a wonderful tear-filled night, but these were good tears. I know my grandmother would have been very proud of Melissa, as well as her own grandmother, Baku. I'm sure they were there, watching from the top row seat, smiling, and knowing that Melissa has finally become who she is meant to be."

It was a real emotional night. Oh, I have more pictures to show you. This first one is the graduating class of '06...

And here's a picture of her posing afterwards with two of her best friends in all the world...

Can we say happy?

I am soooo proud of her. ;o)


  1. Congratulations to Melissa! That field is one she will never have to worry about going away or being replaced by a machine. Also it is something she can find a job in wherever she happens to live, or can change locations easily if she wants to. It is great. You are right to be proud. She is also a very attractive young lady. Probably takes after her Mother in that.

  2. Awww...Dick, that was so sweet of you to say. ;o)

  3. Woop woop! Congratulaions to Melissa and Mom!

  4. Congratulations to you both. Quite an achievment for her. You sound so proud and happy!

  5. Dorothy,
    You have every reason to be proud of her, and Melissa to be proud of herself. I know it hasn't been an easy trip for her, but she done good, girl! So did you. And she looks SO HAPPY! Give her a hug and a huge congrats from me.

  6. That is so awesome, Dorothy! What an excellent story. Congrats to Melissa and to you. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. What happy news! I can feel the pride and love for your daughter radiating right through my computer screen, Dorothy! :-D Congratulations on Melissa’s wonderful achievement. She’s just lovely and the resemblance to her lovely mom is evident.


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