Saturday, August 5, 2006

The Soul Mate Quiz & A Challenge!

As some of you know, I write, talk and sleep soul mates. I've got a book of true soul mate stories (Romancing the Soul), an ebook or two I sell on my website about soul mates and now I've got a brand new forum with a brand new quiz I'd love all of you to fill out just for fun. Go to and you'll see the quiz there. Answer it and I'll post my individual interpretations on the board as they come in. It's been really fun so far. I judge your answers by which category I feel your particular soul mate falls into. That's much the way I did it with Romancing the Soul, only I didn't use letters and numbers; instead I used stories but the quiz operates much the same way.

Why even bother taking the quiz?

I'm trying to find new ways to explain to people what this dang soul mate relationship thing is all about. People make it so complicated and it's really not. While I can't tell you if your relationship is going to last and I can't tell your future, I can tell you just which kind of soul mate your soul mate is so that you can use rational decisions regarding your future with him or her.

No, not all soul mates are meant to stay physically together and no I don't have a magic ball to make that happen, but I can tell you that no matter what happens, once you come into contact with your soul mate(s), the bond never ever goes away because it's that first initial spiritual attraction that draws you together and once you are in its grips, it never lets go. And that is a really neat thing. I like to think it gives people some kind of leverage within their emotions when one of their soul mates leaves them. Nothing hurts worse than the pain of the heart, but if the person can just stop for a minute and figure out why that person came into their life, what good things they brought into your life and how their lives would have been so different without them, they could heal better. The pain will lessen over time but just knowing that that bond is still there gives them a little bit of hope, I think.

An interesting thing happened to me the other day. I found an article on the web that was interesting and so I emailed the author. Turns out he's one of the professors of a big university who is one of the nation's biggest skeptics on anything out of the ordinary. I didn't read his bio until later which was pretty darn impressive. He's been on Larry King and other shows and in many many publications.

We tossed a few emails back and forth and he was determined to hold onto the idea that my ideas was my opinion and no way could I convince him and anyone else that what I believe is what they should believe.

I told him many things, but it wasn't until I told him that all I had to do was ask him a few questions and I could find at least one of his soul mates, if not more.

He emailed me back, asking if I wanted to prove it by answering a few questions over the phone during one of his classes where all the students would be able to hear it via speaker phone.

Never one to turn down a good challenge, I accepted and the soul mate challenge will happen in either March or April. Here's my chance to see if I have the right stuff, for sure.

The article I read to find this guy can be found on I had written an article mentioning Sylvia Browne and went to the web to find out if her last name ends with an e or not to make sure I had it right and lo and behold I find this guy's article.

So, I'm looking forward to that, unless it's a set-up to land on Quackwatch. Eek.

Now for some rather nice news...I emailed my publisher, Liz Burton of Zumaya, to see if she'd can the last mss I sent her and would be interested in my soul mate book "The Soul Mate Triangle - Unlocking the Mysteries of the Soul Mate Relationship." She did and not only that, she's getting it out as soon as possible. Now how many publishers do you know of that is so supportive and gets right back to you within hours?

Amazing. And, without even seeing the mss, she's sending me a contract on Monday. Boggles the mind.

So, take the quiz for me and see how well I stack up your soul mate and have a wonderful week-end!


  1. I tried the quiz. I'll have to come back later to see your response as it is nearly the middle of the night back there where you are so I'm sure you are not answering them now!

    Congratualtions on the publishing of the book.

  2. Dick, you'll have to go over the the forum but I can tell you now that your answers didn't surprise me in the least being as I know a little bit about your relationship with Annie. What I did was concentrate on the numbers and letters and not on what I know about the person if I do know them. Annie is your twin soul but you also had a hint of companion soul mate and regrouping qualities in your answer, which is understandable. Wives are generally your companion soul mates, when it goes a step or two above that, it can point to your twin soul. The regrouping stage is understandable, too, because of the situation. Hugs to ya!


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