Monday, August 28, 2006

Life in These United States...or rather...My Back Yard

I live in the country. Sort of. At least out my back door, it's country.

And I have a wonderful oasis set up, complete with patio, pool and a garden that is providing me with lots of bounty - string beans, tomatoes, lima beans, and other delectables including my prized Silver Queen corn.

Now, this is the first year I've grown Silver Queen, and only the second attempt I've made trying to grow corn, but this year, I not only have enough to put in my freezer, but it's SILVER QUEEN CORN.

Silver Queen corn is the best, if you want the sweetest corn you've ever tasted in your life.

Well, this afternoon, it was harvesting time. I plan to freeze a few bags and eat some for dinner, of course.

I started on the back row, as I really wanted to take a few pictures of my prized SILVER QUEEN CORN crop before I harvested the first couple of rows.

I was pulling the stalks out of the ground, and pulling the ears off the corn, when something about 2 feet away caught my attention.

I focused better because my gut instincts was telling me what I was seeing, but it was so yuckily unbelievable, it was like I had gone in shock, and stood there for a few minutes to see if my gut instincts and I were in synch.

Well, we were.

It was a freaking black snake, either eating another snake or mating.

I backed up and ran, yelling, "I'm so done....I'm so done..."

My daughter pulls up and I'm yelling, "There's a freaking black snake in my corn field...and it's eating something looking like another snake...or it's mating with another snake...I am so done...I am so done."

She laughed, saying it was probably shedding.

I took her by her arm and led her to the corn patch. "Go look!"

She cautiously took a peek in between the rows and said, "Well, it's a snake all right."

Wonderful. I knew it was a freaking snake! "So what is that strange thing in its mouth???? Or if that's his mouth, it's bigger than a bear's mouth!"

Anyway, long story short, it didn't take too long to get back inside the house.

So, I ask's the picture...

What is this freaking snake doing????


  1. Let's hope it is not eating your corn! Perhaps you could pick it up & move it out of the corn patch?

    When my younger son was in 1st grade we were walking down the driveway to catch his school bus & found a garter snake. I suggested he take it to school for the aquairium his teacher was setting up. He decided it would be better to just keep it in his jacket pocket & turn it loose in the pasture when he got home. As she was lining the kids up for the school bus that afternoon, the teacher noticed his pocket move. Then she made her big mistake. She reached into the pocket to see what he had there. Boy, was she surprised! The snake ended up in the grass at the school as I guess the bus driver didn't really want it onboard, either.

  2. Kinda hard to tell in this picture, but I think its shedding a skin. That would freak me out, too. I'll be thinking about this when I go out to collect tomatoes next time!

  3. Our corn didn't do well. Too dry.

  4. LOL! Sorry, but I LOVE snakes. The harmless one I pick up. The others, I respect.

  5. It's obviously eating another snake of some sort. It's not poisonous by the way.


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