Thursday, April 19, 2007

American Idol Barbie

Has anyone seen this? Isn't that the cutest thing? If my kids were younger, I'd fall right into the commercialism trap!

Anyway, how depressing. Sanjaya is gone. I know he should have been gone months ago, voice-wise, but I felt such a connection with that kid. I couldn't bear to watch him up on stage with tears streaming down his broke my heart.

But you know, I told my daughter that his last performance sucked and that's the first time I've ever said that. He was on stage singing like it didn't matter and you just can't do that, you know? If you listen real good (he has such a soft voice), he really does have a good voice. Maybe it's his age. Wonder if he'll go back next year?

I can see it now...Simon will go "ohhhh noooooo."

Ah well.

So, that leaves a bunch of good singers left. I was surprised to see Blake in the bottom three. He's not my favorite, but I thought he had a pretty good following. He flunked country music big time, but then, no one rocked the house as much as Phil. That guy is a natural at country music. I'm kinda thinking it was his last performance that kept him out of the bottom three. Jordin is my favorite...she could make it but I thought Sanjaya would last longer, so I'm not being a very good judge this year. Actually, I thought Lakesha was going to get the boot, but nooooo. Chris Richardson, our local contestant sort of, made it in the top 3...surprised the heck out of me because I really didn't think he had a good performance the night before. And girl is awesome. I'd be curious to see how far she gets.

So now we have to wait until week. What'll I watch when this is over???

I'm not a big TV fan only because I don't have a TV out here by the computer. Well, I do, but it's not picking up the satellite receiver. Worked when they left, then I had to go and try to work the remote one day. Big mistake. Screwed the whole thing up.

I'm not very technically-oriented.

But, it's okay because I have tons of work to do. I'm tying up the tours for the three wonderful authors I have going out next month - Sandi Shelton, Caridad Pineiro and Pamela Thibodeaux. If you'd like to see their tour pages, go to and look in the right hand sidebar.

I'm also working with Heide to see what kind of promo we want to do for The Search for the Million $$$ Ghost. I'm aiming for online, she offline, but we'll both be doing a little of each. Jamieson Wolf gave us an excellent review yesterday at

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  1. Don't let my sister in law see that Barbie, she'll buy it. And she doesn't even have kids!


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