Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tragedy at VA Tech - The House of Horrors

I was going to blog about something entirely different this morning, but I am saddened and frustrated by the events that happened yesterday in my home state of Virginia and in one of the biggest and most beautiful colleges in the country...a tragedy that many news reporters are saying reminds them of 911 because no one knows the names of those who were brutally murdered in the safety of their classroom where something like this is just not supposed to happen.

Media is crawling the place. Students are being interviewed. The footage of the swat team as they are entering the college property is being replayed over and over.

Some say it reminds them of Columbine. The first thing out of my mouth was that it reminded me of Kent State back in the sixties when students were shot down as they were fleeing the campus, only the bullets were coming from the police force and not a foreign exchange student who was part of the student body.

I'm hearing it's because of a domestic incident which made this young man go ballistic on the rest of the student body at VA Tech, but we're not even sure of that just yet.

They're saying it was hard to determine the identity of the young man because he shot himself in the head and he didn't have any ID on him. Recent report is that they found fingerprints on the gun which matched his man's VISA records. He's from South Korea, over here legally, and about to graduate.

I remember passing VA Tech on the way to Tennessee last year. I turned to one of my friends who was thinking about going back to college and I said, "You know, if I had to go back to college, VA Tech would be my choice because this has to be one of the most beautiful places to go to school."

And now, the school only represents a house of horrors.

BF was playing poker with someone last night whose niece was enrolled at the school and he found out that she had been one of those shot in the leg, but survived.

Yesterday, before I heard the tragic news, I took my son and daughter out on a shopping trip and it was one of the most wonderful times I've ever had with the both of them. Some of these parents will not ever experience this again. I pray for the families of the children who perished yesterday and hope they can find the strength to recover from this horrific experience.

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  1. I am saddened by this most recent act of domestic terrorism. I would like to think the we, as a people, have come far from the dark ages when torture and ruthless killings were common, but I guess we haven't!


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