Monday, July 2, 2007

Dracula's Castle Up For Sale

O.M.G. Can you imagine what you could do with this? A writer's retreat, perhaps?

According to Associated Press today, Dracula's castle is officially up for sale. Man, Henri would have a field day with this one. It seems the heirs to the castle just don't want it anymore, but they only will sell it to those who "who will treat the property and its history with appropriate respect."

It's downright spooky, isn't it? Can you imagine sleeping in that thing?

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  1. The last time they tried to sell Bran Castle, they were asking 80 million for it. The Romanian government said, no, we can't afford that.

    Bran Castle is associated with Dracula more by being featured in a couple of the Dracula movies, than by association with Vlad Tepys. His actual home was at Poienari Castle.


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