Tuesday, July 17, 2007

YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH Author Judi Moreo Chats with Boomer Chick!

Have you ever thought if you could just find that one thing that was missing from your life that your life would suddenly be made better? Have you ever wished you could be someone you're not? Did you ever think you've just never done enough in your life and are just never happy with the way you are?

Judi Moreo joins us today to help us realize we ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH. In her bestselling book, You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power, Judi explains how to accept yourself for who you are meant to be. What an empowering book this is, too!

Boomer Chick had the privilege of interviewing Judi and I really think that after listening to Judi's philosophies, it will give you a better understanding that you are more than enough.

Boomer Chick: Thank you for stopping by Boomer Chick on your virtual book tour, Judi! Can you start off by telling us what your book is all about?

Judi: This book is written to help the reader decide what it is she wants to achieve in order to accomplish that "something more" that she knows is her destiny. It will help the reader determine what changes need to be made in ordder to live a more fulfilling life...a life of purpose, passion, and power.

Boomer Chick: Your book is simply fascinating, Judi. What compelled you to write it?

Judi: After speaking to audiences of 50 to 3000 people each day for several years and have more than 75% of the audience reveal to me that they felt they should have been more by now -- done more by now -- accomplished more by now....I felt there was a big need for people to become more self aware. Women need to understand that their talents and abilities are so valuable and they must quit underestimating themselves and overestimating everyone else.

Boomer Chick: What kind of message are you trying to get across with your book?

Judi: It is my hope that the reader will find hope, encouragement, and support that will assist her in becoming the person she feels deep down that she should be.

Boomer Chick: I understand that you are a motivational speaker? Would you like to explain to us what it is you talk about?

Judi: I believe that I am more than a "motivational speaker". In addition, I am a teacher. I speak about Communication, Creativity, Managing Change and Customer Service, but the underlying message to all of it is "Attitude". If a person doesn't have the right attitude, success will never appear her life.

Boomer Chick: What is the secret of success in your opinion?

Judi: The secret to success is to know what you want, to go after it and to know what you may have to give up in order to achieve it.....and to be willing to give that up.

Boomer Chick: What’s next on the agenda? Do you have more books coming out?

Judi: Yes. I've completed the companion journal to "You Are More Than Enough" and it is currently being published by Stephens Press and should be on the market by the end of summer. In addition, I have just complete "Getting Things Done: Keys to Communication, Sales, and Service" which I have co-authored with Brian Tracy, Patricia Ball and Patricia Fripp.

Boomer Chick: Where can we purchase “You Are More Than Enough”?

Judi: "You Are More Than Enough" is available at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon.com, and judimoreo.com. I am doing book signings in St. Peters, Missouri Banes & Noble on June 23rd, The Reading Room at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas on July 7th, and Borders Book Store in Las Vegas on June 10th.

Boomer Chick: Thank you for coming, Judi, and good luck with the rest of your virtual book tour!

Judi: Thank you more....it's been my pleasure.

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  1. Great interview! I definitely will be adding this book to my ever expanding reading list!

    Good luck with the rest of your book tour, Judi!

    Laura :)

  2. Great Message! As image consultants we work with many women who have deep doubts that they can ever really look beautiful and feel confident. We help them realize that they are more than enough. You have what you need now. You just don't realize it. It's just a matter of bringing your best self out. Just as Michelangelo looked at a piece of stone and saw a magnificent sculpture within it, so you can too. Take a deep look at yourself and recognize gorgeous, powerful you. Identify what makes you special, beit a sexy set of legs or a fabulous sense of dry humor and let that pour through and shine! Accentuate the positive. There's more there than you think.

    Deborah and JoJami
    The Glam Gals


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