Monday, July 30, 2007

The End of the Road

It's so sad. The July authors are getting ready to leave and it's just so sad.

You know, one of the interesting things about doing what I do is the fact that you really really get to know these people. You can talk to them through groups and think you know them, but handle one of their tours. You REALLY get to know them then.

Elena Dorothy Bowman. Such a genteel lady. I have no idea if that's the way she is in real life, but she has been so easy going. If a tour was late, did she stress? Well, if she did, I didn't notice and, believe me, I've had some stressing and they'd let me have it.

Lindy Hudis. New mama. A California chick like me. Such a wonderful, wonderful woman. And she lives such an interesting life, too. Used to be a television star; bet you didn't know that. Sunset Beach. Isn't that just so freaking interesting?

Marilyn Morris. LOL, I've known her for ages, but to have her for a client, you would think she would tell me like it was being as she knew me, but nope. If a tour didn't show up on time, she might question it, but not one complaint.

Susan Gregg. Fantastic person who turned out to become one of my friends, too. No complaints from her either. Must be the new moon.

Judi Moreo. Judi Judi Judi. What a fantastic friend she's turned out to be. Told lots of people to sign up with us; in fact, one did. Not one complaint from her either. Don't know what's going on there...either I'm getting better at the business or I'm getting better at brainwashing, lol. Seriously, what a wonderful person she is. Thank God I've still got her another month.

Jane Green. What's not to say about Jane Green? Such a busy woman being a NY Times bestselling author and all and still we were able to put together a tour for her in two weeks. Wonderful, wonderful lady. She even gave us an endorsement!

Which brings me to Jamieson Wolf who was responsible for her tour. When she emailed me, I said, "Oh my, no way can we put together a tour in two weeks." So, I emailed Jamieson and asked him if he could do it. And he did, getting her great stops to boot.

Jamieson is gone, though. He and I had a little riff and things blew out of proportion. I'll miss him, but sometimes you have to put business first.

I love Pump Up.

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  1. Wonderful, Dorothy, that you're getting such great endorsements from your authors...and that your tours are moving them up in the search engines. You do a great job.


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