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Woohoo...I thought the day would never get here! My special guest today is Susan Gregg, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Short Meditations (Alpha, April 3, 2007)!

Look, I'm all for trying to solve the crap that life throws at you by going into myself and seeking answers, so a book on short meditations (being as I'm such the busy bee) was right up my alley! So, who is Susan Gregg, you ask? Well, here's an interview I gave her as one of her many hosts on her Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tour!

BTW, if you click on the banner above, it'll take you right to Susan's tour page where you can see all the places she'll be visiting. If you'd like to go directly to her website, you can go to or her blogs at and and learn even more about Susan!

Well, I'm all excited, so let's begin!

Boomer Chick: Thank you for coming to Boomer Chick, Susan! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Susan: Thanks so much for having me. I was born in NYC and the last thing I ever thought I'd be was a writer. My mom was a poet and in grade school I kept flunking English. She could never understand how I could do that. Thank goodness for computers and spellcheck. I've always had a deep connection to animals, nature and a profound curiosity about human nature.

I have blonde hair with just a touch of gray, striking blue eyes and I'll turned 58 in September. I absolutely love my life and every day when I wake up it feels like Christmas morning. I never cease to be amazed that this kid that grew up in Queens and was depressed most of the time is living my life. Some people think I'm a bit odd, but I believe that if life isn't full of magic and miracles we're shortchanging ourselves.

BOOMER CHICK: I just love the premise of your book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Short Mediations. Why did you choose meditation as your subject?

Susan: My agent asked me to write the book is the short answer. I've been meditating since the 70s and teaching people how to meditate since the 80s. Meditation is a big part of my life. It's changed my life and so many wonderful ways. I used to get migraines and those went away. I
used to have stress lines around my eyes those aren't there anymore. I feel better and look great! So writing this book was a wonderful opportunity for me to share the gift with others.

BOOMER CHICK: Uck. Migraines. You know, I used to have terrible migraines in my later twenties and on into my forties. When I hit fifty, they've almost disappeared (knock on wood), but I feel the reason why they are not one/tenth as bad as before is because I learned how to meditate them away when they do occur. Interesting. I understand that you studied with Sister Sarita and Don Miguel in the '80s in San Diego, California. Can you tell us who they are and how was that experience?

Susan: Studying with Don Miguel Ruiz and his mother Sister Sarita was an incredible experience. It changed my life. Many years later Don Miguel wrote the book The Four Agreements.

Boomer Chick: Interesting. Tell me, why did you move to Hawaii?

Susan: I moved to Hawaii because I love Hawaii. I had finished my studies with Miguel and completed my doctorate. I knew I wanted to live in Hawaii, I wasn't sure what I was do for living I knew it had something to do with my studies. I figured I'd moved to Hawaii first and
figure the rest out later.

Boomer Chick: You say that after you moved to Hawaii, you changed your inner landscape. Can you tell us what that means?

Susan: During my spiritual explorations I realized all of my emotions and my experience of life was created by what I tell myself not necessarily the events in my life. The more I took responsibility for my experience of life the more I made choices that generated happiness. So
in a sense my inner landscape resulted in my move to Hawaii. I'd come to Hawaii on vacation eight years before and just loved it. I knew I would be happy living here, but of course by then I'd be happy living wherever I lived.

My insides and my outsides became more congruent. So since I was happy and I loved Hawaii I moved here. That may sound a bit confusing, but it's really not!

Boomer Chick: Doesn't sound confusing at all. I feel that you can reach your inner self with certain locations and I believe Hawaii might be the place for you to do this! I understand you also run workshops. Can you tell us a little about them?

Susan: Most of my workshops focus on teaching people how to be happy no matter what is happening in their lives. I believe it's our birthright to be happy and that we truly can create whatever it is that we want.

Boomer Chick: I love it. You also run the popular podcast, Food for the Soul. Can you tell us about that?

Susan: In my podcast Food for the Soul I share lots of tools, give people food for thought and have a least one guided meditation. It is based on my studies with a wonderful Hawaiian elder, Sister Sarita, Don Miguel and a variety of physical and nonphysical mentors. I have gotten
incredible feedback and hope all of your readers will tune in.

Boomer Chick: We will definitely do that! BTW, if anyone wants to tune in, go to Do you run the show by yourself or do you host guests?

Susan: Food for the Soul is a one-woman show that I create with the assistance of my wonderful producer Zack.

Boomer Chick: I have never been to Hawaii, but by pictures, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Do you feel an inner strength there? I mean, is there something about the area that really helps you find your inner self which, in turn, helps you in your teachings?

Susan: Hawaii truly is paradise. I feel a profound connection to these islands and I love living someplace where I am surrounded by such loving people. In Hawaii they talk about living aloha and that means living fully and lovingly with gratitude and joy.

I do feel a sense of inner strength and connectedness. And that sense of connection has changed my life totally. My life is filled with magic and miracles and I have learned to be happy no matter what is happening around me. And what a gift that is!

Boomer Chick: What’s next for you, Susan? Do you have more books coming out?

Susan: As a matter of fact I just got a contract to write a book about angels, Saints, deities and ascended Masters. I'm really excited about it. Writing about angels is something new for me. When I lived in California one of my friends used to say, "Angels on your shoulders." He had such impish smile when he said it that it warmed my heart. So now I get to write about angels.

Boomer Chick: Where can people purchase your book and can you give us your website information?

Susan: All of my books are available in bookstores and at They can also go to my website to order them and I will send them a personally autographed copy.

Boomer Chick: Thank you for stopping by Boomer Chick, Susan, and good luck with the rest of your virtual book tour!

Susan: Thanks so much for having me. This virtual book tour sure is more fun than driving from bookstore to bookstore to bookstore. Aloha.

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