Sunday, June 8, 2008

One Minute Maniacal Meanderings: Bikers & Backpacks

When bikers go on road trips that go just down the street and back, what in the hell are they carrying in those cumbersome backpacks? Change of clothes? Toothbrush? Books? Fishing pole? Kidnap victims?


  1. I came to thank you for your visit! I'm going to stick around and read a while. I love your questions here; I always wondered that too. Maybe it's just water.

  2. I've always suspected it was booze. Haven't been proved wrong yet.

  3. I'm going to guess dry shoes and socks.

    I did get more photos posted, probably too many. It was a play about making a cooking show for TV that we attended last night.

  4. Love your blog! I came by because you dropped by ours, The Midlife Gals...and laughed out loud apparently. We LOVE it when that happens. Glad you watched a few videos too. There are a ton of them on that right side.

    Dontcha just love middle-aged shenanigans?

    KK and SalGal

  5. As someone who very occasionally carries a backpack when I'm doing an in-town jaunt on my bike, the pack usually carries the few groceries I'm picking up from the local store.


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