Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Suddenly Single

I really really try to avoid putting my personal life online like this, but I figured it's nothing to be ashamed about and, after all, shit happens...but...I'm suddenly single again.

So I guess I can start writing about how fun it is being over the hill and single, right?

Well, this is a weird time right now. Instead of crying and moping around, I'm...


And that's not a really good thing when you're minus a paycheck and something in my brain is just not registering it. I guess it comes with being over the hill, right?

Some people get a makeover, some don't eat, some eat a lot, but me...I spend.

Spending is my single natural high because it's nothing worse than seeing families out your door doing family things and it make you feel even more...alone.

But I have a theory about being alone. Being alone is scarier when you're not alone. Once you're thrown into that situation, it's not really all that bad.

Take yesterday, for instance. I've hated my bedspread for years and I just decided I was going to treat myself with a new one. Once the bedroom got rearranged and the new bedspread with the skirt and the pillow shams and the accent pillows were all neatly in place, the room took on a "my" feel instead of an "our" feel.

It took me back to my teenage years when I had a bedroom all to myself and I could decorate it with whatever or however I wanted. It felt really damn good, unbelievably damn good.

I love my bedroom now.

I won't sleep in it just yet, but I love it.

I don't know if it's my age or what, but being single actually isn't too darn bad. I'll let you know if I'm singing the same tune when house payment rolls around...


  1. Dorothy - I hope you find another soulmate. BTW, I emailed you after your first comment about wanting to get in touch but guess you didn't get it. :)

  2. Nice post! I certainly hope you find another soulmate! You will. don't worry! To write is an art. Many writers have this talent as an inborn quality. For some of them, having great writing accessories can help. For eg, take a look at

  3. There are some advantages to being single. I guess each of us needs to decide which we want and for what reasons. As you know I went through the suddenly being single again thing and for me, I didn't like it. You seem to be such an outgoing person that I don't think that condition will last very long, unless you decide that you want it to.

    I finally did do another post, after two long weeks. And there are a few photos.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your breakup! That really sucks. but for what it's worth, welcome back to the single fold. You're in good company.


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