Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Political Insanity

That George can't blame him for trying.

So what's up with Obama and Hillary? The last I heard she was on TV totally gushing over the second man she probably ever hated. Don't get me wrong. I would love for her to be on the democratic ticket with Senator Obama simply because it would draw the democratic vote but, hey, I'm not into politics all that much so what do I know?

But..this year is different. We've already accomplished one major victory - this is the first time a black man has made it all the way to the democratic presidential hopeful for the White House and if Obama accepts Hillary as his running mate and he wins, the first time a woman became vice-president of the United States. History in the making. And the Boomer Chick is still around to see it.

My family were Democrats. Hell, my grandmother's favorite slogan was "damn yankees!" so I guess I'm a product of a confederate democrat. My that's a woman they needed in the white house. Take from the rich and give to the poor. And that's what I'm seeing is wrong with the Republican party. It's all about how rich they can get and not about how much money they can spare from their own pocket to help the poor. God knows they try - or they say they do. I don't know.

As I was watching the primaries, I was like a ping pong ball getting a good work out - going one way for Obama and the other way for Hillary. But since Obama won the democratic ticket, wouldn't it be neat if he chose Hillary as his running mate? Now that's a reality show the whole U.S. of A. would watch. Just think of the ratings, you television executives.

And I have a great idea. How about we do away with all this political insanity and put all the political incumbents in front of Simon, Paula and Randy and let the U.S. of A. decide who would make a better president by having them do stand-up comedy or magic tricks? Sure, they all give good speeches, but what would they do if they actually had to do something that required talent?

Oh wait, talent has nothing to do with being president.

Ha...I've got tours to work on...yak at you later...

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