Monday, June 2, 2008

Trail Blazing

Today was absolutely beautiful. First day of tours and they went very smoothly, so I rewarded myself with a walk down a nature trail here on Chincoteague Island. What was so unique about this place is that not many people (except for Chincoteagers) know about this place. It wasn't run down with tourists (not yet anyway; it might be a bit early) and as a matter of fact, we only saw 3 people the entire time we were there - an elderly couple leaving, a woman jogger and a man who told us Skylar sounded like a pig. Okay, she did sound like a pig with all the grunting and groaning she was doing...that dog just can't hang...but I recognized the guy as the one who always rides around town on this scooter. Well he was sitting on one of the benches and he said that he was overlooking the same pond that he used to go ice skating as a kid many, many years ago.

After we walked the trail, we found a wonderful barbecue place called Woody's. Let me tell you this place is seriously smoking some of the best barbecue pork you'd ever tasted. It's right in front of one of the campgrounds and perfect for the campers as they don't have to walk far to get something other than McDonald's and tastes a lot better, too.

After that, my daughter had to go to work so I decided my fun wasn't over and walked the dogs down the dock. Now, I was hearing this rustling in the grasses and I didn't know what in the heck it was, but there were millions of these miniature looking crabs running all over the place and my question is...are they miniature crabs, or rather baby crabs or something else? I can't forget to ask someone around here who knows their local crustaceans.

After I put the dogs back in the condo, I grabbed BF's bike and headed to town. My goal was to get to town and come back, but I only made it to the carnival grounds, which still wasn't bad for the first time on a bike for that distance. Let me tell you, my behind was so sore, I couldn't sit down.

Needless to say, I crashed on the loveseat and just now woke up. It's good for you, though, and I'm going to repeat it tomorrow.

I did take some pictures while I was trailblazing, though, so I think I'll share...enjoy!

This is me with Skylar standing on the foot bridge.

You can see the path to the left. My daughter thought this tree almost falling over would make a good picture so I snapped it.

A better pic of the was so serene...

My know I was really surprised there were only a couple of mosquitoes...Chincoteague is known for having the largest mosquitoes in the country! Might be too early just yet.

And finally, Skylar, the pig-grunting dog who was so damn glad her trailblazing day was over! See her laughing?


  1. That kind of a day is wonderful and see how good it is to take a camera along? Do it again tomorrow. And the next day, etc.

  2. I sure will, Dick! There is so much to do and see here, it's not even funny. And don't forget the camera!


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