Saturday, November 29, 2008

Did you spend more on Black Friday than last year?

I'm down with I'm assuming is bronchitis. It could be something horrific like the plague or something but who's going to quibble over illnesses? Bronchitis, the Plague, it's all the same in my book. In other words, I feel like I'm going to die either way.

So, daughter is at work and I'm lying in bed and I got to thinking about Black Friday. I didn't go, I had to work which is one reason why it's turned into the Plague. But anyway, I digress.

So who went? Did you go? Everyone in their mama at work went which is why I was the chosen one to keep the ship afloat and my daughter scoured the Internet preferring her Black Friday shopping be done online.

But, I wondered with the economy is bad as it is, did shoppers go out in droves like Black Fridays in the past? And if they did, did they spend as much as they had in the past?

So, I went to Google and find out.

According to this website, early data showed a strong turnout and they say consumers spent more than 3% than last year. I'm not getting it.

If we're as poor as the news tells us we are, then how did we spend 3% more? Are we not listening? Hello?

But you know, on the Boomer Chick's homefront, I am spending more this year than Christmas' past because I want to get this cool gift for my daughter and it's not because she's 7 and pleaded for it and it's not because she's spoiled. She's 30 and does so much for me, you wouldn't believe and besides, I plan on playing with this special gift myself.

I don't feel guilty about it because I had planned for this months ago and saved for it. Otherwise, I wouldn't have ever been able to come up with that much money that fast.

Did you go out on Black Friday and did you spend more or less than last year?


  1. I don't shop on Black Friday. After working 13 years in retail--and this was before stores opened up at ridiculous hours like 4AM--I have no desire to put myself through it.

    I tried it once just to see what it was like, but it wasn't worth it. Long lines, cranky customers and staff, and trying to push carts down small aisles packed with people and goods just isn't any fun to me. Besides, I found I bought things I wouldn't usually buy just because they were on sale; so how much did I really save.

    At this point, I do most of my shopping online. The thought of going to a store after Thanksgiving makes me ill.

    I hope you feel better.


  2. I'm into one week and a half of the plague thing, plus the DH got it this week, so besides being more short on money this year, I couldn't get too much into Black Friday. It's usually one of my favorite shopping days. Also, I couldn't find that many things on sale to expend the energy to fight the crowds.

    We went to Ace for a dog bed, but it was not the size they advertised. We went to Walgreens and got some batteries on sale, then over to Bentley's Corner Barkery for a bone on sale for Rascal. Rascal came with and had a great time, since she absolutely loves that place and everyone who works there.

    I had hoped to buy a Pyrex set at Carsons online, but couldn't get to the page, so gave up, went to Amazon and bought it there. It cost a little more, but free shipping, and I already had credits there, so it ended up being $2.97.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. I never go out on Black Friday. For a couple of very good and wise reasons. I believe anyone who gets up between 2am and 4am is crazy. Yeah, I know getting up early will not stand up in court. Reason number 2 is I hate crowds. I get anxiety in crowds. And I can still get a good/great price after Black Friday. It is not the only day to shop. I never go out the day after Christmas either for the same reasons.

    This year we are all cutting back. The kids are just giving to their own kids and no others. We are cutting back also. In the past we spent a whole lot of $$$ on the grand kids. This year we are keeping it to one or two gifts under $20 dollars. Oh, we may go as high as $25 each kid. We are cutting back. Hubby and I are getting new pots and pans. We have found the Kitchen Aid non Stick are not for the way I cook. The pans do not hold up well. So, we are giving ourselves a new set. That will do it for us.
    A small Christmas but a happy one. While I was literally done on the couch I did four fuzzy posters and hubby is making frames and I will give on each to the granddaughters. I will venture out on Weekdays before seven pm when everybody else comes out ...after work and dinner.


  4. I never shop on Black Friday. Usually, I'm done by the end of October; however, this years because of finances, I have yet to start.

    Currently I'm working retail; the store was busier than normal but not even close to what it should have been.

  5. I DO NOT shop on Black Friday! Both my daughters, along with two of the older daughter's long-time girlfriends go out together, make a day of it, big lunch too and I stay home and watch the two younger grandchildren as always!
    Christmas this year for the grandkids will be some small gifts -pjs, maybe a fleece sweatshirt in camo fabric for the older grandson (which I can sew) and some small presents for the younger two along with books for the oldest grandson. For my kids, most of what they will receive from me this year will be in the form of items I have hand-embroidered -tablecloths, table runners, pillow cases and the like -some small clothing gift. My finances dictate totally my gift giving so I try to give things that enable me to get the most for my money.

  6. I'm not a shopper, so Black Friday was my day to stay in and hide under the covers. I'll shop like normal people (on Christmas eve) thank you very much!


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