Thursday, November 13, 2008

Down Under with Saturday Night Live's Gilda Radner

Okay, so I felt bad all day long yesterday. I wasn't feeling it just before noon, then when lunchtime hit, I suddenly had this craving to sink into my living room couch, crank up the heat and throw a blanket on top of me.

And there I lied, slept and groaned.

I'm not sure what was wrong with me except maybe a 24-hour thing because I feel great today. I took the dogs out for their morning walk, found a really neat trail in the woods down someone's lane (yeah, I tiptoed through there) and got some well-deserved fresh air.

But while I was playing dead on the living room couch yesterday, I had the TV on and it - okay, are you sitting down - was a day-long marathon of the top 101 SNL shows. I'm sick right, but through one eye, I saw the characters who I hung out with in the early 70's again - Roseanne Roseananadana (video below), Buckwheat (anyone remember him getting shot?), The Ladies' Man (I don't remember him very well), Cajun Man and Canteen Boy (get'em Adam Sandler!), The Coneheads (loved'em!), Baba Wawa (Gilda Radner at her best!), The Blues Brothers, Church Lady, Lyle, the Effeminate Heterosexual, Mr. Bill, Pat (girl or boy?), Sumarai Man, oh too many to name.

Back in the early 70s, every single Saturday night, my newly wed husband and I would visit his sister's house just down the street. There'd be a party most times with people spread out all over the place (and wasted) just waiting for SNL to come on.

Of all the characters I loved to watch, Steve Martin had to be at the top of the list with his rendition of Happy Feet and Gilda Radner with her Roseanne Roseananadanna sketches. Remember them? We would HOWL.

Anyway, I was watching this show on TV yesterday with one eye opened and they showed a piece from one of the early shows (which to me were the best) and it was Gilda Radner playing Roseanne Roseannadana. EVERYONE in their mama knew who Roseanne Roseannadanna was. But, in case you never heard of her (shame on you), I found a video of an audition of hers which I'll let you watch while I get back to work. I'm not sure if this was to audition for SNL, or what, but it's funnier than hell. I tried to find a Roseanne Roseannadanna sketch (if you know of where I can find one, let me know and I'll post it), but this one is great, too.

Gilda Radner is no longer with us, but she is remembered by all boomers in the fondest and most enjoyable way.

Nothing is better than revisiting SNL when you're sick or otherwise, so enjoy the show. ;o)


  1. I loved the early SNL and the last few months too. Yep, a good watch on a sick day

  2. Thanks for your comment, Queen! Oh, don't you just love her???

  3. That's too funny - I watched part of this too! And, even though they were before my time, the original cast are my favorites. Glad you're feeling better!

  4. If you have not read Gilda's book, It's Always Something, I highly recommend it.

    I absolutely adored her!

  5. She was so funny. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Thanks for sharing. We used to watch SNL years ago also. Loved Gilda, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, the whole bunch. There were so many great talents there.

    Morgan Mandel

  7. The video is actually a clip from "Gilda Radner: Live From New York", a film of the stage show she put together after SNL. That said, I do wish someone could find her original audition tape for real.

  8. Thanks, I wonder if I could do a search...I wanted to find her doing Roseanne Roseannadanna so bad.

  9. If I remember correctly, in the same show from which the clip is taken, Gilda does indeed do Roseanne, as well as Emily Litella (in a sketch with Emily as a substitute teacher). I'm certain that has to be online somewhere.

  10. THanks, Dot! That was a breath of fresh air for sure. Always loved Gilda Radner, one of the best comediennes ever!

  11. I never really got into SNL but really liked Laugh In which in some ways was similar. I bought a DVD of what is called the ten best shows of WKRP In Cincinnati this summer. It is another of my old favorites. I think everyone has heard Les Nessman's live news description of the free Thanksgiving turkey give away when they tossed them out of a helicopter. He said he didn't know they couldn't fly.


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