Sunday, November 30, 2008

V-Logging - the next book promotion tool

I usually leave company matters out of Boomer Chick's blog, but I can't help but to be excited about a brand new book promotion device we at Pump Up Your Book Promotion are trying out. It's called v-logging.

For those who don't know what v-logging is, it's simply blogging using video. There are quite a few v-loggers out there who are doing nothing but videoing instead of writing the text out in their blogs.

While it might not be for everybody, for the owner of a book promotion company relying solely on online book promotion for her clients, this is like a gift from heaven and a dream come true. Now, our audience will be able to "see" our clients talking about their books which will take their Internet experience to a new level, a virtual level.

When I discovered this great online book promotional tool, it was like a lightbulb went off. Why can't we do this with our books?

I immediately emailed all my clients who are virtually touring in December and got some pretty enthusiastic responses. Lloyd Lofthouse, author of My Splendid Concubine, will be v-logging with not just one v-log, but 4, and promises more on the way. Kelly Epperson, author of When Life Stinks, It's Time To Wash The Gym Clothes, our first guinea pig...errrr...willing client....will be v-logging at The Writer's Life tomorrow. Dean Briggs has finished two v-logs, with more on the way. There's no stopping these guys!

V-logs are fun, innovative and what a wonderful way to put not only a voice, but a face, to someone whose work you admire!

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  1. Yes and no. It means the author needs to get fixed up or else feel embarrassed at not looking his or her best. It means more preparation, which means taking more time, which many people don't have. Photos and typing some words are easier.

    On the other hand,v-logs done right are a great asset to a blog. I'd say it's something I'd like to try, but could never do it every day. It's hard enough to just get my daily blog done.

    Morgan Mandel


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