Thursday, November 3, 2005

Call for Quotes for New Soul Mate Book

Anyone else wake up freezing their tabookas off? Whatever happened to fall anyway?

Well, I got 4,000 more words written on the book yesterday. Didn't make my 5,000 word goal but as I had to take off from work because I was feeling poorly (wanted to work on book), that's not too bad, I guess. Grand total so far is: 32,084 words!

Oh, I just posted this to the Boomer Women board and it's going out in their next newsletter, but I wanted to give anyone who happens to stop by a chance to become involved in my book if you are interested. As you know, this is a how to soul mate book and one of the sections is related to finding your soul mate later in life. Later in life meaning in your later thirties and beyond.

If you have found your soul mate later in life, I have some questions I'd like to ask you.

Also, I'm looking for stories you might be able to tell me about your childhood sweetheart. Did you have one and how do you feel about them today sort of thing.

Be sure to let me know which (later in life or childhood sweetheart) when you respond and I'll clue you in on the details.

I'll probably need quotes for other sections, so mark this blog!

Email me privately at

Thanks a bushel and a peck!


  1. I never had a life, so count me out.

    (If you can use that in your book, feel free. It's really a pretty good quote, and I usually get paid for those.)

    Thank for visiting. (32,000 words? Already!!? You must be in the lead.)

  2. LOL, horsetail. Yeah, 32,000 at last wait...think it's gotten up to 33,000 now. I pretty well knew where I was going with it, now all I have to do is get the words down!

  3. That's a year's worth of words for me...

  4. FTS, you are sooo funny! And you are a wonderful writer as I've told you a million times!

  5. I didn't even know I HAD a tabookas...


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