Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Sad Story on New Orleans Writers Flooded Out During Katrina

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today titled, "Words Can't Describe What Some Writers In New Orleans Lost." It saddens me to think that these writers lost every written word they had, some even on the bridge of being completed and ready to go to the publisher. You can read the article here, but please come back as this is really important.

Reading the article, you could tell the inhabitants of the flood areas didn't realize that the water would rise as high as it did and only placed their precious works only high enough that that thought the waters would rise.

Isn't this a lesson that all of us can learn?

If I had everything I have written wiped out, I don't know if I could or even want to start over. I would sink in a depression and I don't even know if I'd ever want to ever write another word again. Can you imagine what they are going through?


I must be naive because not all of my work is backed up. If I were to have everything I owned wiped out because of this negligence on my part, I would only have myself to blame.

I know there are several ways to back up your work, but the one that works best for me right now is to send entire manuscripts that are finished to one of my email accounts. I can always access my email on any computer.

However, that isn't enough and since reading this article, I'm going to spend the better part of the day backing up my work by several methods and not just the one.

Speaking of my work, I got 5,000 words written yesterday. Is that wowzers or what. I'm now up to 28,148 words and I haven't even begun to write today. Feeling kinda poorly...think it's a cold working on me and I hope it doesn't go into a flu. Or bronchitis which I get once a year, but it's a little too early for that to hit.

I'll tell you what anyone who is reading this can do for me, though. I have a section in my book where I answer soul mate questions. It's a rather large part of the book and I need about thirty more soul mate questions to complete this section and I've run out of questions that has already been asked. If you have a soul mate question or a relationship question pertaining to your soul mate or soul-mate-to-be, would you send it to me? Muchos glacias. The book should be done by the end of the month, so if you could send that to me as soon as possible, I'd kiss the ground you walked on.

Anyway, back up those files and make it your best writing day ever!


  1. A very good suggestion. I think the first ting I'm going to do is go get one of those nifty USB flash drives that goes on your keychain and back up my files on it as well as my hard drive.

    I have a soulmate question: Where is mine? lol

  2. LOL, if that isn't the million dollar question, isn't it? Personally, I think that men have a problem with commitment. I know that's not all of them, but with the high record of divorces today, you can't blame them really. When things go wrong, they swear they'll never get into another relationship again. Call it soul mate anxiety syndrome or something. They want it but either don't know what one is or how to go about doing it. Well, my man, my book will show you all you need to know. Just gotta wait!

  3. Wow. Very good advice. Alot of my older stuff is in binders in my closet. Even if there were a fire, I would be in trouble. I'm going to make copies and put them in the closest thing I have to a safe deposit box: Mom & Dad's house. Thanks Dorothy!


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