Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Every Writer's Gotta have a Little R&R

Every writer's gotta have a little R&R, don't they? I just got back from an overnight stay at one of the biggest gambling casinos on the east coast, Dover Downs (Dover, Delaware), known for their NASCAR and horse races, and of course, SLOTS. I'm not much of a NASCAR fan (don't kill me!), but it was kind of neat watching the horse race outside the restaurant window. But, the biggest thrill of all was those little greedy slot machines they have sprinkled underneath the hotel rooms to entice you to spend your hard earned bucks on.

I was fighting a head cold, but it was fun while it lasted. BF & I both lost our money, but we got a free room out of it anyway, plus FREE FOOD.

After the last of my hard-earned money was eating up by the machines, I went back to the room and tried to indulge in comfort, but this dang head cold was making me miserable. I took some cold medicine and went to bed and had this crazy dream. I was wearing my "Support a Starving Author...Buy My Book" t-shirt, going house to house peddling my book like an encyclopedia salesman. I REALLY hope it doesn't come down to that.

The next day, we got up and did some Christmas shopping with what little money we had left in the hotel room and came on home. Broker for sure, but it was sure nice to get away.

Now that I'm back home, work is staring at me - a how to article on promoting, my soul mate book that needs finishing, a relationship column and emails up the ying-yang. Arrggg....


  1. Ah, Dover. Land of "Mike's Famous Harley-Davidson"

  2. Do you still get to use real coins in the slots or do they use paper vouchers? I'm so bummed that Vegas is changing over to the paper system. Anyway, sounds like you had a fun time. Yes, every writer needs a getaway - gotta charge those creative batteries.

  3. Kathy, they've switched over to the paper system. It is a bummer for sure. Takes some of the fun out of it. I really liked hearing all those coins drop out when you won. One day, though, I'd like to make it to Vegas!

  4. Somehow the 'pffft' of paper doesn't hold a candle to the 'clink' of coins, does it...


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