Monday, November 21, 2005

The Dream Tree

Is there anyone out there in Blogland that is just dying to get out there and do some serious Christmas shopping?


Oh, don't get your panties in a bind. I'm serious. This year is the first year in ages that I'm really in the Christmas spirit. And I'm going to do something totally different this year.

I'm going to buy a new tree.

Yep, but it's not because our old tree can't hold up another year and it's not that I have millions of extra dollars and can afford it. It's a symbol and I'll tell you why.

My daughter came out into the living room tonight where I was playing in email and she plopped down on the sofa.

"This is going to be the worse Christmas ever," she said. "I don't have any money at all and I just wish it would never get here."

I listened to her complain about having one night at work because of going to nursing school and how upset she was that she could barely give me or the rest of the family anything for Christmas, which was quite the opposite of past years. This is a girl that no matter what, there'd be presents up the ying-yang for me under the tree. I'm not one that needs presents, but she's one who feels the need to give them.

After she was finished, I said, "You know, this is the way I'd like Christmas to be. I don't want it to be about gifts. I want it to be about being together. I think that the upcoming year is going to be an exciting one, filled with surprises that will show us all our hard work is going to pay off. This new year coming up is a new beginning for all of us. And...for starters, I'm buying a new Christmas tree."

"A new Christmas tree?" she asked. "Why when we have a perfectly good one up in the attic?"

"The old tree symbolized our old lives," I explained. "I bought that the year just before your dad left us. We've carried that tree around for years, living from one house to another. We've been living here for ten years and things have gone from bearable to simply fantastic as each year goes by and I want a new tree to celebrate our new beginning because I have a feeling that this upcoming year is going to be the year to remember."

I could tell she knew what I was talking about. Next year, she graduates nursing school (her dream) and I WILL get my subsequent books published (my dream). So, this new tree is going to be called The Dream Tree. By the time it is one year old, everyone will have achieved their wildest dreams.

Anyway, she seemed happier after my speech and went back to her room to study and I turned back around and started pounding away on the keyboard.

These are the kind of dreams that turn into realities - confidence that what you are doing is going to happen.


  1. I love the season and have anxiously waited for it as long as I remember. I'm not a big shopper but i enjoy watching those who are. I love all the trappings of the season, the lights, the parades, the kid's smiles, the bundled up outfits, the old movies all of it.

  2. Great outlook! Start a new tradition, look toward the future...

  3. Wow, thanks guys! So, I'm on the right track!

  4. What a great outlook! We don't have much $$$ at my house this year, so my son & I will be making gifts together as much as we can. But I'm going to try to get us focused on family and the real Reason for the Season. Here's to ending this year with a bang and starting a new year full of promise for you and your daughter!

  5. You have a great view on things! I am looking forward to Christmas this year. My first in my new home. Shopping is going to be a bit sparse but I just can't wait to get decorating and really get into the spirit of things.

  6. Girl, we're still standing.
    Although I've seen them in action and know how fearsome they can be, the bad guys haven't won yet.
    I've buried many of my kin and shed a river of tears.
    I hold the precious ones I love close.
    Time is the only thing that matters.
    Drink in the wine as well as the laughter.
    Happy Holidays

  7. With an attitude like that you can ONLY succeed!!!

  8. Great idea about the new tree being symbolic of new things. Get rid of the old - and invite the new into your life.

  9. I love the smell of a Douglass Fir inside during Christmas. Makes me want hot cocoa with cinnamon. But the shopping -- ack!

  10. Wonderful post! I'm all for new tradition that celebrate new starts in life! Psst...I'm done with my shopping! And while it appears to be blogincorrect, I am very happy to see Christmas coming. :)

  11. The tree is a great idea.
    It is exciting to be so close to having a dream come true. Especially something you have worked hard to achieve.
    I don't like to shop, but I love Christmas traditions and just the general feeling of this time of year.

  12. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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