Friday, May 20, 2005

Beyond Chick Lit

Well, FINALLY, someone has something good to say about chick/hen lit. Visit this link and you'll see what I mean.

Is there anyone else in here besides me having trouble seeing the whole page? If you are, "refresh" the page again and everything will come up. What's wrong with this darn thing for it to keep doing that?

Ahhh...and you know what else gets my crawl? EVERYTHING.

Why is it the midlife crisis has to make you so evil?

I got up from a nap today and had to grab the wall because I was so dizzy. I've got a doc's appointment on the 6th...might be anemia or low blood, who knows, but I had to call out from work. Now you KNOW I'm sick when I do that.

So, my daughter decides she's going to visit someone who has the flu. Does anyone see what's wrong with this picture???? Is it me??? I went off on her when she came home because the flu IS THE LAST THING I WANT RIGHT NOW.

ARRRGGGG. Does this thing ever go away???


  1. Nice blog. Hope you're feeling better! - Donna

  2. Thanks, Donna! Someone suggested vertigo...eek...even the name sounds like something from outer space. Well, the walls aren't spinning today so that's good. It was kind of hard holding myself up with them in motion like that. Felt like a roller coaster or something. ;o)

  3. Hope you're feeling better, Dorothy. I just think you're working too hard.

    Great article on Hen Lit, btw. I didn't realize RDI was so committed to hen lit, too.

  4. Feeling way better, Kathy, and thanks! And, yeah, isn't that great about RDI getting on the hen lit bandwagon!!!


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