Monday, May 9, 2005

Road Block! (Hen Lit in Progress)

No, this isn't the name of my book. It's the curse of the demon gods when you are on a deadline.

As I stated in my last blog entry, I have had an agent request a partial of a hen lit that isn't even finished. Am I totally zonked?

Writing comes easy for me and I find that I can whip through a book in nothing flat, but then...dum de dum dum...I hit a ROAD BLOCK.

Now, a road block is a writer's block, only it has to do with my characters being on the road. They are traveling to the Grand Canyon only there's one teensie weensie problem. I've never been.

Okay, there's Google and there's the wonderful members of my writing groups to help - which they have - and still I don't think my questions are answered so I can get past this road block and finish the darn thing JUST IN CASE the agent requests the full. Let's hope the demon gods are out punishing jay walkers or litterers or something so she will. Anyone have a good luck spell to ward off those evil-mongers?

Anyway, I need to know if there are any Indian reservations around. I found at least two, but can you get to the Grand Canyon on foot or mule from there before nightfall?

Eek, I'm stressing.

I did get 5,000 words written yesterday and wanted to put another 5,000 on it today, but there's this damn road block in my way. I've got to find a way out of it. Stay tuned.

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