Saturday, May 21, 2005

My 70,000 Word Goal Has Been Reached!

Okay, I know this might not be exciting to anyone else, but last night, I reached my 70,000 word goal for my manuscript that I had an agent request a partial for. When I queried, I knew that if I told her it was only 50,000, she'd laugh and say, "Next!," so I fibbed a little.

Ordinarily, I'd say never ever do that (send a query to an agent/publisher saying the book is written) but I knew I had plenty of time to get it done. I do write fast - extremely fast - and I knew how it wanted to end and didn't think I'd encounter any problems. Two weeks after she said send the partial, I wrote 20,000 words! REMARKABLE?

Heh...well maybe...but truth be known, this book means sooooo much to me. I sacrificed blood, sweat and tears for this and I'll go to the ends of the earth for it. It's a genre I just absolutely love and I have fallen in love with the characters and I just can't let them down. If the agent strikes me down, I'll keep on keeping on (after I cry for months).

So, tonight, I'm going back in an revising something that's been bugging me and then I'm going to try to finish at least the rough draft. So, if you need me, you know where I'll be....I'm coming Celia, Babs and Bunny...I'm coming...(they are stuck in a cave and have no way out and I've had them there for days) guys aren't coming out until I say so!'d think they had minds of their own or something.

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  1. It's exciting to me, Dorothy! Well done!! I usually get 'stuck' at 30,000 words so actually getting to 70,000 (not to mention writing 20,000 in two weeks) is quite an achivement.

    Good luck with it.


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