Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mailing the Partial Tomorrow!

The sun'll come out, tomorrow, tomorrow...

Dang, can't get the song out of my head. Tomorrow, I'm finally mailing off the partial to Agent #1. Well, actually she's the only agent I have submitted a query to for my book, OVER THE HILL, but I'm going to keep track of them this way because with my luck, there will be many more I'll have to query.

Oh, this is so exciting. I printed out the first 30 pages as she requested - well, actually 35 because I didn't want to cut the second chapter short a couple pages. I went back to the letter she sent to see what else needed going in the mail and she said she wanted a cover letter with a short but detailed bio highlighting my publishing credentials and/or related information about me and a one-paragraph blurb that summarizes my work and highlights my pitch. Direct quote.

Well, I started on the cover letter this morning and hit the biggest block I ever had. I really loved my query and she must have, too, to request a partial and I absolutely couldn't think of another way to word it without saying the same thing.

Enter Michelle Grajkowski, agent for 3 Seas Literary Agency, who just so happens to be my guest for the week in TWL Author Talks. When I told her my predicament, she said:

"I would use the same one - just mention
that you are sending requested material."

That was music to my ears!

So, I reworded the first sentence mentioning that it was requested and bingo, bango, printed it out. Everything is ready to go tomorrow! Tomorrow...tomorrrow!

Michelle is a wonderful guest! Stay tuned and tomorrow I'll give you the highlights of her talk.

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