Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Birth of my Prequel!

Well, I've gone and done it - started on the prequel to a book that isn't even published yet, but hey, maybe this will be good when my NY publisher-to-be asks if I have anything else? You noticed I said "when" and not "if" because I truly believe in this book. Of course, doesn't everyone believe in their own books?

My characters, Celia Gladstone, Babs Culpepper and Bunny Whimpelton go back in time through the voice of Celia to when they were young'uns. Now this one is incredibly my voice, much more than the first one.

Growing up with movie stars and all that was really a part of my real life. When we moved to California, back in '61, a whole new world opened up to me. As I had been raised in a little town in Virginia where it was perfectly safe to leave your door open all night and no one would break in and steal you or something, Burbank, California, was, well quite different.

Mother would have parties and everything and there would even be a few movie stars in the crowd. The only one I knew by name was Eddie Fontaine, who serenaded me in his lap. Seemed he went on to make records or something.

I did get to see my dreamboat, Jon Provost (Timmy in "Lassie.") We were at the Hollywood Lane Parade and all these cars and floats were going by and I was right out in the front of the line, sitting on the street. And then - Timmy comes rolling by. And then - he throws me some candy.

I don't believe I ever ate that candy and saved it for weeks until it got moldy and I had to throw it out.

Lassie would come on the television every Sunday night, right after Walt Disney. I don't care what I'd be doing. I'd run inside and plop my butt right in the front of the TV.

Well, that gave you a little idea of where I'm going to take this book. Sound like fun?

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