Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Boomer Chicks or Boomer Babes?

Well, the results will be in tomorrow.

In a hen lit group that I am a member thereof, we've decided to set up a group blog just for us hen litters. I came up with two suggestions for a name for our blog - Boomer Chicks or Boomer Babes and it seems that there is an even distribution of votes so far for both. Ouch. So, what's it going to be?

Guess we'll see what the poll says tomorrow and go from there.

Frankly, I like both so either is fine with me, but the Boomer must stay.

Speaking of boomers, my hen lit is almost done. Last chapter. And guess what. I have writer's block again. Well, not exactly writer's block, but ending block. I want a spectacular ending and I think because the book has been with me for months, the ending might not be as spectacular to everyone else as it is with me and I'm fretting. So, I'm going to let it stew overnight and look at it again tomorrow.

Still no word from either agent. Ewk.

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