Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Believe me, I'm Not Venting...I'm Really Not

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I refrained from posting for the sole reason to give everyone a chance to find out about my contest and enter a "what a soul mate means to me" comment. I have had oh-so-wonderful comments and I want to thank all of you that have commented so far.
The deadline is Friday, Feb. 17, so if you haven't commented yet, click here and do so because two copies of "Romancing the Soul" will be given away when the winners are announced on Monday, Feb. 20!

Now my non-vent...

I call it my non-vent because it's not really a vent, just a heated opinion...well...not really heated...because I'm not mad. Really.

Two days before Valentine's Day, BF and I agreed we wouldn't cave in to commercialism and materialism (such non-conformists, aren't we?) and spend any money on each other just because it was Valentine's Day.

They get us on Christmas when we HAVE to spend every last dollar we own, plus run our credit cards to the max, plus pawn our dog and take a second mortgage out on our house, but we figured we had some control over Valentine's Day. Hallmark wasn't going to sucker us in and neither were those florist commercials.

I was happy with this and BF was, too. After all, not only could we spend what money we would have spent on these commercialized symbols of Valentine's Day, but we could use our money to do something after the fact like take in a movie or a dinner on an ordinary day and not just because it was a holiday.

Everything was hunky dory.

So BF comes in with a slushie maker (for him) and a dog grooming comb (for the dogs) and throws a bag of jelly beans down on the table beside me.


Okay, I know we agreed not to buy each other anything, but jelly beans?

After BF made some sort of snow creme looking slushie and tested the dog comb out on the dogs (which didn't work), he grabbed the bag of jelly beans and headed into the bedroom to watch T.V.

Now, it may be me, but, does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

Like I said, I'm not mad. That's what non-vents are for. I'm not mad...really...I'm not...seriously...I'm not...I didn't like jelly beans anyway...


  1. The Y chromosone strikes again. DH and I don't exchange gifts anymore but at least he didn't come home with something for himself.

  2. Was there any point in your life that you enjoyed slushies? My guess would be that if you were not going to buy gifts for each other that didn't restrict him from buying for himself.

    I don't expect anything for any holiday. My thinking is this, I cannot control anyone's thinking or feelings. If he wants to buy something for that certain someone he will do so out of how much he cares or thinks. I will also do the same. My problem or vent relies in the fact that I would at least want that person to thank me or tell me how much they don't like what I got them. I bought my H a personal item that I think he needed and while I was out buying my son some candy I decided that a couple more bucks on a box of candy would be nice for him as well. He does like candy and that would keep him out of my son's. ha ha Well, this is probably the first year I didn't hear Happy V-day, and perhaps he hasn't looked in the bag yet, that he threw his coat over, to even know to say thank you but to me alot of messages have been sent to my brain. If I even try to figure out how he is thinking or feeling it will make me go insane.

    Did anyone notice that it was a full moon on V-day? It was actually at it's peak the night before I believe.

  3. The truth is we're a romantic couple all the time - we don't need Valentine's Day to remind us to be. But we did figure it was a great excuse to do our usual thing - plus indulge in some champagne and Godiva. But nobody should feel pressured to do something on that particular day. You choose when you want to be romantic.

  4. If they were plain jelly beans, no big deal. BUT....if they were the special flavor ones then I would at least expect that he would give me the pina coloda ones!

  5. So what you're saying is you'd rather have had nothing? Or something? Or was it that he bought himself something and felt the need to buy you some jelly beans to justify it?

    Or is it because he ate your jelly beans...?

    The never-ending connundrum: What exactly DO women REALLY want...

  6. are you sure that the jelly beans were intended for you..

    before he ate them?

  7. Just posted on your soulmate blog.

    As for the jelly beans... Well, to me, that was sort of insulting. At least, I would've been insulted.


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