Sunday, February 12, 2006

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm Having a Contest!

In honor of Valentine's Day coming up this Tuesday, I'm having a contest! From now until Friday, February 17, whoever comments on my blog, on this exact blog post will be eligible to win a FREE copy of ROMANCING THE SOUL, my anthology of true soul mate stories from people all over the world who have found their soul mates.

Not only that, but I will be giving away TWO copies, so that's twice the odds of winning a fantastic book that you won't be able to put down. Okay, I'm biased...but that's what I've heard anyway.

Ah...yes...the catch. What I would like you to do when you comment is tell me what having a soul mate means to you. Do you have one? Tell me about it (btw, contrary to what some people believe, you have many soul mates). That's all there is to it!

Ohhhh...but there's more!

Also in celebration of Valentine's Day, anyone who buys my e-book HOW TO FIND AND KEEP YOUR SOUL MATE, you will receive the newly released e-book, 101 THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT SOUL MATES absolutely FREE.

Just $4.99 (payable through paypal) for two e-books!

The two winners of ROMANCING THE SOUL will be announced on Monday, February 20. I will then ask you to send me your mailing address at that time.

Good luck!


  1. Hmmm...what having a soul mate means to me? Someone who "gets" my inside jokes and grins. Someone who warms my feet when they're cold at night and doesn't care when I steal the covers. And of course, someone who loves the kids as much as I do. :)

  2. My soul mate huh? Someone I can be 'me' with. No pretending. Someone who helps be a better person. Everyone has different thoughts and ideas on things, and that's ok, but we should have the same values. But mostly, I think your soul mate should love you unconditionally. :)

    Happy Valentines Day!

  3. Hmmm...I think finding a soul mate is more of a growing experience. I knew from my first date with my dh we would get married and after 11 years I do think of ourselves as soulmates. But I don't think it just happened. I think we are on a journey to that point. We share the same ideals, respect each other's decisions and feel completely comfortable in each other's presence. We can't imagine being married to anyone else and I have absolute faith in him. I and my children will always come first and vice versa for me.

  4. Give me the book. I'm the winner!:-)


  5. Someone who loves you unconditionaly every day of the year, even when it's not Valentine's Day. Someone who forgets it's Valentine's Day, and you still love
    them. Knowing that neither of you can live another day without each other.

  6. to me it means having a friend who would taste good in a lemon and butter sauce - but then I'm a rotten speller

  7. My idea of a soulmate is having someone you can talk with for hours---yet you can sit together in total silence and not feel that pressure to fill the silence. You don't need to put into words what you need, and neither do they--each of you just "knows" what is needed.
    I have found my soulmate. I've known for ten years I love him---it just took a nudge recently to make me understand just what our connection is---true soulmates.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my site, by the way. :)

    To me, a true soulmate is many things. Someone who knows what you're thinking without you having to say it. Someone who "gets" you. Someone who doesn't judge you. Someone who knows your flaws and weaknesses but loves you for them just as much as they love you for your strengths and attributes. Someone who you would find over again - in this life, or the next one. The names might be different, the place might be different - but the kinship would remain the same.

    That is a soulmate.

  9. I do not know why I picked to come to your blog this night for the first time from Hildebrand Road. It is Valanetines Day and I am at home alone. I am presently not defining a relationship that I want to be in, with perhaps the woman who truly is my soulmate.

    For me I always thought a soulmate was all the Hallmark things. Someone I could not live without. And Someone who completed me. But I have found that a soulmate is something completely different when I learned to be honest with my heart.

    A soulmate is not someone who I choose to be with or they choose to be with me because we fit into each other's categories of attractive qualities. It goes beyond that. Our personal will in life is often over run with selfish ambitions. Finding a place where you give and receive equaly in a relationship is unique. For me a soulmate is that someone who you want to share your life with, and are as comfortable giving as you are receiving in a relationship.

    I could go on, but in connecting with your faith, your beliefs, and your hearts, there is a bond that becomes stronger then attraction, it becomes fused together on a higher level. That to me reflects in my heart a love that is shared and together you reach for life.

  10. Hmm, I'm a little confused as to whether I believe in soul mates. I guess on a friendship level, I can comprehend it. This would a person I can always talk to about anything and not feel judged, and offer the same in return. It would be someone who would know when I'm having a day and to just back off and accept the mood and not be offended.

    And on that note, I guess a soul mate in the form of a romantic relationship would offer the same attributes, wouldn't he? In that case, I think I've just convinced myself that maybe I do have a soul mate or two after all.


  11. While I can't really define it right now...I believe in soul mates...and if I do at this point in my life...they must be real. :-)

    We're blog-linked...just tested it.

  12. I am waiting until Monday to announce the two winners of "Romancing the Soul," but I wanted to say this to everyone...these answers really have opened up my eyes to the way some people see soul mates. I've responded to a few of you and sent you over to my other blog at Are You My Soul Mate?. I wish those of you who think you know what soul mates are would visit the blog and come back and tell me if your perceptions of soul mates have changed since leaving there. Your comments, as long as they are answered here, will still be in the running for the free books. I want to thank all of you for commenting and keep'em coming!

  13. My Heart, My Soul, My Life!

    People come in and out of our life endlessly. But of all those people there are very special individuals who seem to sneak in when we least expect it and take on the role of protecting our hearts, souls and life. As if they are one with you! They know your hurt, your pain, your laughter, your joy-they virtually read your mind!

    Without a doubt you trust them to take care of your heart, soul and life, as if it was their very own!

    To live tomorrow without each other(physically) is like death, but you always know that each of you lives within each other! A spiritual bond that can never be broken.

    Our heart, soul and life is as one! You do not complete me but rather compliment me. As if you have crawled into my body and added your share of decorations to the beauty I already beheld.

    It's a magnificent Union of two souls!

  14. Howdy. Wow - my first visit here, and I'm already plumbing the depths of my psyche. Okay, here goes...


    "Soul mates" are overrated. So many of us wander through life in search of this mythical end-all, be-all of ultimate companionship. We carry with us the belief that there is one special person in this great big world that can fulfill every broken hope and half-realized dream within.

    What we fail to realize that the world is chock full of soulmates. We live in a sea of compatibility that is teeming with soulmates. Just like an assortment of wildflowers or a bundle of colorful balloons, soulmates come in such a bountiful variety that we cannot help but find something, anything, that speaks to us. In every rainbow, someone's favorite color is shining if he or she would only look long enough. So it goes with soulmates ; we're so busy looking to the horizon for that prince or princess that we fail to notice them standing right beside us, looking to that same horizon.

    And when we find this person, we latch on with a manic glee, shouting, "You are the one!" at the top of our lungs. We exchange our hearts and desperately shove them in places where we want them, oh so badly, to fit perfectly.

    And that's where we tend to make it all go wrong. Just as our own souls need care and nuturing, so do our relationships with our soulmates. Every flower starts life in a perfect splash of color, but without the mundanities of water and earth, that color fades to brown, and life decays to death.

    We see the soulmate as the end of the search and the beginning of eternal bliss. And that is what ends so many of our so-called perfect matches. The soulmate is a beginning, not an end - the start of a long journey that will be filled with difficulty and uncertainty. The soulmate is a companion through trial and travail; through rain and fire; in the proverbial sickness and health. The soulmate is not there to fulfill; the soulmate is there to complete. Like a jigsaw puzzle, that completion takes time, hard work, and patience.

    Don't pin your hopes on finding your soulmate. Pin them on keeping your soulmate. Your heart will thank you, quite possibly for the rest of your life.

    Written with sincerity by a man who has traveled 20 long years... with his soulmate.


    By the way, love yer blog. :-)

  15. My ideal soulmate would be as loyal as my dog, as unconditionally loving as my dog, as gorgeous as my dog, as interesting as my dog, as fun as my dog...but human.

    Yah, lame. It's all I got.

  16. Having a soul mate means everything to me. It means not having to be alone,being comfortable with each other, and being very much in love. I met my soul mate when I was eighteen, we married a week later and have been together for thirty years. But we are still like two teenagers who make out all the time and are very much in love. Love can sure keep you young at heart.

  17. Two years ago, I came out of a horrible marriage and battled my way through a nightmarish divorce. My then friend and now new husband, picked up the pieces of my heart soul and glued them back together with his love for me. He had gone through something similar and we realized that we each had something in common: we just wanted to be loved. As we got to know one another, we realized how alike we were. Our love produced a combination of our two souls-- a beautiful son named Loghan. He's our li'l soulmate.


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